Minimize Threat Exposure. Maximize Stack Effectiveness.

Defense optimization platform that analyzes threats, risks, and defenses holistically, enhancing security tool effectiveness and reducing threat exposure.

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Do you know?

How much of your security budget is spent on reducing each risk?

Organizations' security stacks are under utilized

Optimize yours to minimize your threats

Know your environment

Gain visibility over defensive capabilities and security tool effectiveness

Understand your threats

Discover the relevant risks to your organization and assess the extent to which your current capabilities effectively mitigate those risks

Build a smart program

Optimize your technology tools, team efficiency and budget. Prevent breaches caused by unintended control failures and lack of security hygiene

Vena’s defense optimization platform analyzes the connection between threats, risks, and defenses.

Maximize Stack Effectiveness

Ongoing risk-based enhancement of your tool effectiveness
Reduce redundancies and overlapping coverage

Minimize Threat Exposure

Continuous visibility for threat-informed tool utilization
MITRE-based threat and tool capability mapping

Keep your security stack up to date
with the latest vulnerabilities and threats




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